Friday, October 13, 2017

Peter Yarrow at the Savannah Folk Music Festival in October 2013

Peter Yarrow performing in Savannah, Georgia
My hubby Bob & I have always been big fans of folk music of the late 50s and early 60s.  Songs sung by Peter, Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, The Brothers Four, and many others have long been favorites ... and remain so to this day.

Savannah Folk Music Festival

On October 13, 2013, Peter Yarrow of the famous folk music group "Peter, Paul & Mary" performed in Savannah, Georgia at the 24th Annual Savannah Folk Music Festival.  The concert was part of a 3-day weekend of Folk Music here in Savannah, put on by the Savannah Folk Music Society as a way to keep 'folk music' alive.  Peter Yarrow was just one of several acts who performed in the concert this Sunday afternoon, held outdoors at our Minor League Baseball Stadium in Daffin Park.  Each act played & sang for approximately 30 minutes, but I could have listened to Peter Yarrow for another 6 hours! 

Christopher Yarrow (L) and Peter Yarrow (R)
Peter performed with his son, Christopher, a musician in his own right who performs with a band in Oregon.  You could tell by watching them interact that father & son are very close.  Peter also often performs with his daughter,  Bethany, and together the three of them have formed a nonprofit group to combat school bullying called "Operation Respect".  At this concert, Peter and Christopher told the audience about Operation Respect.  The theme of the organization is Don't Laugh At Me, based on the song of the same nameAfter telling the story of the organization, Peter and Christopher sang Don't Laugh At Me at this concert.

Don't Laugh At Me

At the concert that day in October, 2013, Peter sang many songs the audience was familiar with -- and sang along to -- such as "Leaving on a Jet Plane", "500 Miles" and "Blowin in the Wind".

Puff the Magic Dragon

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He ended the concert with "Puff, the Magic Dragon", the song loved by children the world over.  When he performed 'Puff' he called the children in the audience up on stage to sing with him and held the microphone to several children to sing a chorus.  Little kids just 5 and 6 years old knew all the words to 'Puff', a song Peter wrote 50 years ago!  Absolutely amazing how endearing "Puff" has become to children everywhere. 

A Delightful Concert Experience

Throughout the concert, I had tears in my eyes as I sang along with words to songs as familiar to me as my own name. At the end of the concert, as concert goers got in line to shake his hand and thank him, I asked for a hug. Peter Yarrow gave me a sweet hug as I tearfully thanked him for the beautiful music and the 50 years of special memories.  A most memorable experience!

Story & Photos by (c) Wednesday Elf